The First Tee Social Media Code of Conduct

The First Tee Code of Conduct requires participants to demonstrate the Nine Core Values in their everyday lives and, in particular, to show respect for oneself, others and your surroundings. These caring behaviors are expected not only in face-to-face situations but also in written correspondence and electronic social media interactions. Before, during or after participating in an event sponsored by The First Tee, you may want to communicate with other participants from the event. With that in mind, The First Tee has a social media code of conduct of which we would like to make you aware. For clarification, we consider social media to include all personal Web sites and all forms of online community activities such as online blogs, social networks, message boards, conversation pages, chat rooms, emails and cell phone texting.

The First Tee Social Media Code of Conduct states that while using any social media platform to communicate with other Chapter participants or with anyone about The First Tee, you must abide by The First Tee Code of Conduct and The First Tee Nine Core Values. If you are unaware of what the Code of Conduct states, you can review your Participant Yardage Book or your Chapter has a copy you can review. The First Tee’s copyrighted words, logos and trademarks may not be used in any manner on social media pages without home office approval. For example, you cannot create a social media group that appears to be sponsored by The First Tee.

It is very important to respect and follow the rules set forth in The First Tee Code of Conduct and Nine Core Values when using any social media platform. If you fail to do so, there will be consequences which may include cancellation of benefits and being prohibited from participating in future participant events hosted by The First Tee home office. The home office will also involve parents and Chapter leaders in these discussions as needed. Thank you for your attention to these guidelines.

Examples of Social Media (but not limited to):

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat
  • MySpace, Facetime, IM/Chatting, Flickr
  • YouTube, Tumblr, Blogs
  • Email, Texting

“Social Media” is defined as text, video, images, photos, audio and other media generated by and shared with others via the internet or other electronic means.