Story from our participants:

I step into the kitchen with your mom and dad awaiting you, “It’s time for you to make your choice,” my dad sternly says. I look them both in the eyes and say,

“I can’t,” I think of myself in both positions that I have learned to come and love so much. I think of me carrying my golf bag on my back and walking up to the first tee box. I smile to myself at the thought. I also think of myself tying my cleats, stepping onto the grass and putting my ball down and starting to juggle. I can’t help but let myself smile even bigger.

“What do you mean you can’t?” My dad asks.

“It’s not as simple as you think. You’re making me choose between two things I love to do.” I say simply.

“It’s simple, choose which one you want to do, golf or soccer?” My dad states the choice I’ve been dreading to make.

I look at my mom who looks at me and I could see in her eyes that she’ll support me either way. I look at my dad, “What if I want to do both?” I ask quietly. My dad looks at me and nods. “I think we could make that happen, but you have to promise to make it even between both.” I smile to both of my parents and nod, they smile back. We all hug in content of the choice I made. That was two years ago, when I first started soccer. Now I play club soccer and I still play golf although I have lost most of the love I had for golf and I still love soccer. I’m not as focused as I am on golf as I am soccer but that’s okay for me. I was faced with another hard decision, either keep up with my promise and make time for golf just as much as soccer or I quit soccer completely, the choice to quit golf is not an option. So I did what any person would do, I chose to sacrifice to start playing golf again to not have to quit soccer completely. Although, I faced that tough decision I still have soccer in my life and I can’t be happier.  

This was a story that was wrote about Judgment and how you need it in many different ways.

More to come!!!!

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